The swedish, progressive popband LARM was founded in the outskirts of Arvika in 2013, far away from city lights and noise. It was there, in the woods, that the aim to create progressive pop music was awakened. The studies of institutional jazz music combined with the lust to create popmusic created a unique hybrid of pumping dance music and contemporary jazz.

Nowadays the band has developed it’s sound towards electronic pop music but still with a jazzy touch. With no static backtracks, but with synths and samples combined with acoustic drums, the band is a dynamic live experience.

The band members now live in different cities around Sweden. LARM has developed from living in the forest and longing for the city’s nightclubs to living in the city and longing for the endless, dreamy forests.

LARM has released several singles, music video, an EP and the latest release was a Live Studio Video – What’s inside. In the spring of 2018 the band will record a new EP.

LARM has played at many scenes, for example: Debaser Strand, Landet, Moriskan, Koppsängsfestivalen, Bengans, Frilagret,, Säljerydsfestivalen, Putte i Parken, Göteborgs kulturkalas, Linköpings stadsfest.


Malin Almgren – drums
Josephine Bodén – vocals & synth
Annie Persson – synths
Sebastian Lindell – guitar
Björn Höglund – bass